3 Fall Hairstyle Trends to Try Today, Part 2

We’re back today with three more fall hairstyle trends for the season. To catch up on what you missed, visit part one here. Without further ado, more faves to add to the hairstyle list!

Revamped braids.

Braids are no longer just a style for eight-year-olds, nor are they always predictable anymore. Try out a new plait that brings an element of the unexpected into the mixture, and play around with texture, pinning the braid(s) to give it a less schoolgirl look, or adding accessories.


fishtail braid

Not-so-beachy waves.

Now that summer is over, it’s time for waves to speak volume, rather than remind you of the ocean (or lake, for us Chicagoans). Curl the largest pieces around your face away,  and tease the undersides of your hair framing your head – this will give your hair a luxe boost, and leave you feeling like a million bucks.

Here's a great variety of voluminous waves off the runway, from tame to haute couture.

Here’s a great variety of voluminous waves off the runway, from tame to the adventure of haute couture.

Sleek and simple.

Fashion tends to recycle themselves, and while this isn’t anything new, it is a classic. Keep your long hair straight, flat-ironed if need be, but prevent flatness by back-combing the roots to create some lift and volume. If you’re not into the stick-straight look, add a modest amount of curl or wave for some volume. Sleek strands look gorgeous on healthy hair, so be sure to use the right products (come visit our salon!) to keep everything neat and glossy.

image at right from ogii.lv

image at right from ogii.lv

Of these six trends, which will you be experimenting with this season? Leave a comment below – or, better, send us a photo!


Photo credits: harpersbazaar.com, allure.com, and iknowhair.com.


3 Fall 2013 Hairstyle Trends to Try Today, Part 1

Now that fall has settled in at full swing, cooling temps down and inspiring new colour palettes, today let’s visit some revamped classics in hairstyles to try out this season with your new fall layers. Since this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has already come and gone, this hairstyle guide will include some inspiration from the famed celebration. Without further ado, here are three fabulous hairdos to try out – have fun and style on!

Side (faux) bang.

(left: faking fringe with a deep side part; right: real bang action from  Jeremy Scott's NYFW runway.)

(left: faking fringe with a deep side part; right: real bang action from Jeremy Scott’s NYFW runway.)

If you’re not the type to commit to actual bangs (I hear ya), you can fake the look with a deep side part and strategic pinning. If you do actually have bangs, experiment with sweeping them to one side for this dramatic, retro look.

Messy buns.



From Michael Kors at NYFW.

hbz-deconstructed-bun-fw13-Marchesa-lgnForget the impeccable, flawless ballerina bun that leaves not a single hair out of place. This year’s bun is all about the beauty of imperfection, leaving wispy strands to draw interest to the classic look. You can even experiment with braided effects and deconstructing the plait just enough to give it volume.

Low ponytails.

Take the “gym” look out of the classic lazy-girl go-to by bringing your pony down to the nape and adding some glamour with either texture, sleekness, or a bit of curl for a bouncy look. This low-maintenance style is all about simplicity and approachability, and isn’t so out-there that many trends off the runway can seem on the streets.

sleek ponybouncy pony

What are your have fall hair trends? Stay tuned for Thursday’s top three styles . . .

Photo credits: harpersbazaar.com and www.nydailynews.com.

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