How to Prepare for Holiday Travel – What to Wear

Christmas treeWhat with the holidays so (SO!) close, a lot of you may be packing up to return to family, in-laws’ or otherwise, in other towns/states/countries(!) — so it’s time to start preparing for your fall/winter travel!

What with more and more stringent baggage restrictions nowadays, the question of what to wear on planes is pretty important. You don’t want to wear anything too festive or too nice, as you’ll look a bit silly while running last-minute errands at home — and when you’re traveling, there are always last-minute errands — and dressier outfits aren’t always the most comfortable. Certainly don’t put on anything that really needs pressing or dry cleaning, don’t wear jeans (they’re just not comfy enough!) . . . so what do you wear?

This time of year is prime time for layers. See if you can find a movement-friendly pair of pants (not necessarily sporty pants, unless you’re thinking yoga), a long tank top, a cushy cardigan or wrap, and a scarf. Planes are notoriously chilly, so the more (simple) layers you put on, the more personal temperature control you’ll have. Solid colours (especially neutrals) will be easier to mix and match, so if you have plenty of solids in your suitcase, you won’t have to worry about clashing prints. This will allow you to pack lightly!


Do your best not to bring this much with you!

If your trip is only a few days long, consider packing two pairs of jeans: one casual (light to medium wash), one dressier (dark wash). Avoid bulky pieces like chunky sweaters (supercute at home, but a pain to lug around in baggage you’re trying to keep light) and keep to lightweight tops you can layer. Cardigans and vests are your friend! Remember, you’re visiting extended family, not making statements at the country club. Keep it simple, at least on off days where you’re not celebrating. For those festivities, packing a fun new dress is certainly appropriate (if not expected!). Take care to pack nicer pieces of clothing in tissue paper (or plastic dry-cleaner bags) to help prevent wrinkles, as this reduces friction. Remember that the more crammed your suitcase is, the more “stressed” your clothing will get, so keep your luggage to just the essentials, your toiletries and beauty products (more on this in the next installment), and gifts.


travel-friendly solids

Premier Designs holiday jewelry 2013

Holiday sparkle!

As for jewelry, see if you can find some simple, yet versatile, jewelry that will match several outfits. Sometimes bringing “sets,” say, a silver set, a gold set, a black set, will help you accessories simpler, casual outfits. Having sets of colour-coordinated pieces will keep you looking put together, so pack them together in a jewelry-specific bag, taking care not to tangle necklaces.

If you’ve followed our advice and stuck with mostly a neutral colour palette, you can have fun with colour by packing accessories that pop. Luscious fall/winter colours such as burgundy, gold, emerald green, deep violet — experiment with scarves, earrings, shawls, rings . . . have fun! A punch of colour (or prints) with the right accessory on top of a neutral outfit can bring some interest to your travel wardrobe.

Ashika Sachdev by Visions for the Art of Hair


3 Makeup Tips for Everyday Beauty, Part 2

We’re back with three more makeup tricks to add to your daily arsenal! Sometimes changing up your look is hard to do, but give these blunders a thought — they may help you look more youthful, vibrant, and all-around gorge! Review part one here.


1. Overdoing eyebrow maintenance.


Eyebrows are such an important part of the face, and some of us were not naturally gifted with the perfect brows. Often women will overpluck and/or fill their brows in too dark, which ends up looking very strange and unnatural.

When shaping your eyebrows, have a professional do the job to reveal your natural and best arch. As we age, our eyebrows start to become more sparse, so if you overpluck, the hair may not grow back in the way it used to.

Using a brush, smooth your brow hairs upward in a 45-degree angle and set with a brow gel. If you’re brunette, opt for a filler eyeshadow (not liner!) that matches your haircolor. Shadow will look more natural rather than painted on. With the eyeshadow, apply with a stiff, angled brush that is very thin and apply small strokes at a time. If you’re very attached to using a pencil, stick with using one that’s a shade lighter than your haircolour. Keep quick, short strokes (just as with the shadow) and don’t line too heavily. Soften the pencil with a brush. You can fill in sparseness (which, as mentioned, can age you) by concentrating on the back ends: from arch to tail.

2. Outlining your lips incorrectly.

Many women try to fake a fuller pout by outlining their lips with liner — which ends up looking superfake and almost doll-like. Outlining them too far out of the natural lip line will make lipcolour feather, which will also emphasize fine lines.

Instead, take lipliner that matches the shade of your lipstick (or the natural colour of your lips), line the outer rims of your lips, and fill them in, too. That way, if and when your lipstick begins to fade, you won’t look cartoonish.

 3. Going too far with the eyeshadow or liner.


When it comes to your eyeshadow, bright blue shadows date you and aren’t flattering on most skintones. Blue-tinted mascara is very teen-friendly and not the best choice for an adult professional. Navy, however, is a much more universally flattering shade that will work for most skincolours.

Note that anything too bold (even black eyeliner) on the eyes often does more damage than good. Too much of a good thing will either appear clownish, too heavy for daytime, or just altogether not right. Keep it easy and stick to softer shades like brown, grey, navy, and use any brights sparingly.

[Event] A Wonder-Filled Life Holiday Open House

Christmas lightsOnly 72 days left till Christmas! Luckily, we’ve got a great holiday event lined up to help you get ready!

When: Thursday, November 7th, 2013 from 6 to 10 pm
Where: Visions for the Art of Hair (4N229 Glen Ellyn Rd in Bloomingdale)

Guests will receive:

  • Twinkle Toes peppermint foot scrub treatments
  • Joy & Wonder makeup/brow shaping services
  • Tea by Tea motions, wine, and cookies will be served
  • the Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Signature-scented candles experience
  • A wonder-filled shopping experience for you and your friends

The More the Merrier! Bring a Friend and receive a free gift.

Space is limited! Call or email Lauren Cassidy at
630.673.0052 to RSVP.


3 Makeup Tips for Everyday Beauty, Part 1

makeup at Visions for the Art of HairWhen it comes to everyday makeup, less is certainly more. Today we will address a basic beauty trifecta: foundation, mascara, and concealer! Here are some common makeup blunders and how to fix them. (More to come on lips in part two.)

1. The wrong shade foundation

faceTry before you buy. We’re all familiar with the dreadful “mask” look, where the face is obviously a different colour from the neck. Avoid this by testing the shade on your jawline (rather than the back of your hand or wrist) and choose the shade that disappears. Note that your foundation colour may change with the season, as your skincolour may. A foundation with light-reflecting particles will help illuminate and add dimension to your skin.

Foundation that is too pale will draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. (If your foundation does end up “settling” into crow’s feet or wrinkles, don’t fill them in with more makeup. Prevent settle by keeping these areas well moisturized, and apply less foundation to them.) Also, don’t make the blunder of brushing powder on fine lines. It’s best kept to your T-zone.

 2. Too much coverup

happyWe all have those less-than-perfect skin days. For some of us, it’s everyday undereye circles. Don’t lay the concealer on too thick! As we age, the skin under our eyes thins. Accordingly, keep concealer thin — and only to applicable areas — and apply with a brush, which will more evenly distribute the product. A yellow-based concealer shade also helps most skin tones. This is something whose shade you can afford to go lighter on than your actual skincolour.

applying mascara

from our fall makeup event

3. Not using mascara properly

First, be sure to use the darkest black shade of mascara you can find, as this will brighten your eyes and make them look larger. Don’t use a formula that is too thick; our lashes thin too as we mature, so this will likely come out clumpy. Skip the bottom lashes, as they will draw more attention to crow’s feet, dark circles, or just smudge throughout the day.

Have you been guilty of some of these common mistakes? Don’t fret — just give these tips a try! You’re sure to look — and feel — great! Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll introduce three more tricks to looking young, vibrant, and beautiful.