5 Tips and Tricks to Better Hair for the Spring

SONY DSC1.If your product is made for color-treated hair it’s better.
 No-sulfate shampoo’s are THE BEST for color-treated hair. PureOlogy Hydrate Shampoo or the new Strength Cure are wonderful for colour.
2. Never wash after a fresh color.
Wait at least 24 hours or you will wash the color right out.  After a day, though, it’s sealed in and you can shampoo.
3. Deep-Condition 2 times a week every week for the rest of your life.
Color-treated hair needs hydration especially in the winter.  Pick a conditioner focused more on moisture than protein.  I recommend PureOlogy’s HydraCure.  It has a balance of moisture from shea butter, avocado,  jojoba and mango butters.
4. Glazes or Gloss the hair every few weeks.
Redken’s Shades EQ is wonderful with a color or just use clear.
5. Limit heat styling.
Irons can fade colour so use heat-products if you use a hot tool.

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