Strength Cure by PureOlogy – Hair Care for Damaged Hair

pureology strength cure

Lauren here…

We have an incredible new product here at the salon that I wanted to tell you about. If you have damaged and colored treated hair you’ll definitely want to check this out!

Introducing Strength Cure by PureOlogy

Strength Cure by PureOlogy is a new system that uses an innovative repair solution for the hair, called Asta-Repair. The formula can help your hair to achieve a balance between strength and softness. The system contains five different products, from which the shampoo and the conditioner are the most important. There are also other quality products from PureOlogy, but these ones are among the best. Strength cure is an entire system of solutions that includes not only Shampoo and Condition, but also Restorative Masque, Split end Salve and Fabulous Length.

Who Can Use It?

The Strength Cure Shampoo and Condition duo can be used by people with damaged and colored treated hair and for those who want to obtain a strong and shiny hair. The system can provide a combination of solutions for anything that could be needed for a person’s hair care. If you don’t know if the system would work for you or not, you can use the hair consultation tool from the official site of, PureOlogy, as the tool can help you identify the right product according to your hair type.

What It Does?

The shampoo can cleanse and fortify hair, while it provides a soft finish. It also protects color radiance and eliminates any dulling residues from the cuticles. The shampoo has to be applied on wet hair, then the hair has to be rinsed and the process repeated. The conditioner works instantly for improving and detangling the hair. The reflection is also enhanced and your color radiance is protected again. You can use the conditioner by massaging it into the hair and scalp, then rinse the hair after one or two minutes.

The Restorative Masque offers breakage reduction, increased strength and better shine. The masque has to be applied on clean hair for two to five minutes, after which you can rinse the hair. The Split End Salve protects your hair from breakage and lets you enjoy your fabulous length. It protects color radiance and makes split ends smooth. One pump should be applied with the palm into towel-dried hair to its ends.

Why It Is Different?

This product is different than others through the exclusive Asta-Repair formula. This innovative new formula involves the use of a strong antioxidant that is found in nature and is called Astaxanthin. The ingredient can be helpful for healing the hair and also making it strong and very soft.

Benefits of Using It

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that comes from nature and is really strong. Another ingredient contained in the formula is the AntiFade Complex, which can be the best option for those who have color-treated hair and want to improve it. Asta-Repair also uses the following ingredients: Ceramide, Keravis and Arginine. These three key ingredients can restore the strength and softness of your hair by replacing cysteine bonds and healing micro-scarred cuticles. Ninety seven percent of users succeeded in improving the strength of their hair just after the first use of the shampoo, conditioner and Split End Salve. The percentage is the result of the consumer test.

Try a Bottle of Strength Cure from PureOlogy Today at Visions for the Art of Hair!


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