Your Beauty Travel Kit – What essential items to pack for vacation

make-up-bag,jpgHaving your essential beauty products on hand can make a world of difference on how you feel and look during your travels. To ensure that you continue to look beautiful on your relaxing getaway, we are providing few tips for stocking your cosmetic beauty kit to maximize your limited space.

Always pack light

Be mindful that while flying TSA enforces 3.4 ounce liquid limit on carry on items. So the last thing you would want is to throw away expensive cosmetics that are not allowed on plane. But that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to tiny sample-sized beauty products available on most grocery stores.

These days many top companies offer products such as conditioners and shampoos in travel sizes. Many travel beauty kits include hair & body shampoo, pH restorative detangling toning mist, light-weight deep conditioning creams, and shower essentials all in small two ounce containers. You can also include dry shampoo in your kit. If showers are limited at your destination, a dry shampoo will do the trick. Just spray it onto your hair, gently massage it into the scalp and comb through. You’re set!

Must have items in your make-up travel beauty kit

  • Lip and cheek stain-Several lipsticks and one pot of blusher can be easily dispensed of with a new miniature size lip and cheek stain. It will not only sit better in hot weather, but you can be confident that it won’t evaporate or smear when you get active.
  • Vaseline-It’s a perfect travel beauty kit complement and adds sheen to your lips, liven up your tinted eyelashes, can slick your eyebrows in place and an also be used on your dry skin. Always buy it in miniature to save space in your kit.
  • Eye liner-Always keep a travel size eyeliner pencil to add that extra umph to your evening eyes. If you buy it in lighter shade than black, you can easily smudge it and apply some Vaseline to provide a look similar to eye shadow.
  • Personal hygiene-The best thing about personal hygiene products is that they’re sold at hotels. Toothbrushes, deodorant, toothpastes, and razors can be easily found at many travel destinations. So it’s up to you to pack them or buy them at your destination.

Palettes and sets

Many cosmetic manufacturers offer blush, eye shadow, and lipstick in a handy palette that’s lightweight and small. This will ensure you have a one go-to set that would contain most of your makeup trip. Buying a palette with neutral colors will ensure your eye makeup don’t clash with your outfit during an evening out.

The best thing about these sets is that they’re available for a reasonable price. Because they’re very affordable and easy to pack, you won’t have to spend time deciding on shades you’d want to wear on vacation. You can even buy two makeup palettes and they’ll easily fit into your travel beauty kit.

Multipurpose must-haves for your kit

Always look for products that you can easily use for more than one purpose. If you’ve to bring few of them, make sure you choose ones that you will get most out of. Shampoos that also serve as body soap, tinted SPF moisturizers, and salves (balms for dry lips) should be in your travel beauty kit.

By packing light, you will not only feel less stressed about packing, but you can also have extra space in your suitcase to bring lots of home souvenirs.

Happy travels!

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Interview with Chicago based celebrity makeup artist Lori Neapolitan


Today we had the privilege of having Lori Neapolitan in to do personal make up consultations at Visions for the Art of Hair.

Lori gave us  insight into what inspires her, her favorite tools, and what she loves most about makeup in a revealing interview.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from all artists, architecture, interior design, floral arrangements, fashion.  It’s all about texture, color and geographic pattern. So any artist or form of artistry… sculpture, painting all of the above inspires me to be a better artist and to do what I do. I have the best canvas in the world…. beautiful women.

Who are people that have inspired you throughout your career?

Kevyn Aucoin who is a very famous makeup artist – but unfortunately he passed away at a very early age . He wrote several books. He was very well known for his art of makeup. He inspired me. I actually did a couple of things with him years and years ago.

The first makeup artist was Way Bandy. Way Bandy died much too young of Aids. He taught me geometric pattern. It’s all about lines. He has a book that’s about line drawing. So I am always looking at people drawing lines across their face.

And Max Factor of course, the king of makeup.

How long have you been a makeup artist and how’d you get your start?

I have been a makeup artist my entire life in spirit. I had a father who was an amazing artist. He was a chef. Yet another thing that inspires me. Chefs are incredible artists only they create art with food.

How I got started was working in theatre. I was a singer and I saw all these people doing their makeup and I thought “this is an interesting thing to do” My sisters were Opera singers so I started watching them. I had three neighbors who were models. So I watched them as a young girl to see them do what they do to transform their faces.

I have been doing makeup now for 40 years.

What do you love most about make up?

lori neapolitan

Lori Neapolitan
Celebrity Makeup Artist

What I love most about the actual medium is I love the ability to work with the manufacturing companies to be attached to women every day. I see what they need. I see the technological changes of what’s happening in makeup. Max Factor was my god. He had very little to work with. But now we have all of these beautiful organic based products and products that are free of fragrance and dyes. We have things like silicone – things that are very very light and skinlike. So I think my favorite thing is the technological advancements and where we’ve come chemically and artistically and pigments. Plus I love working with people every single day.

Everyday I am so blessed to be able to inspire and have a woman look happier and feel more confident.

Where have you traveled and presented to?

I have traveled all over the world. I have been everywhere except for one continent – Antarctica. I have been to every state except for four.

I am inspired by a lot of asian influences and culture because they also want to look very western. I look to them as a different medium because I look to the history of makeup.

Not the history of just the 30’s but the history of where make up started, Cleopatra for example, the Asians, all of the people who have different face shapes and skin types. I like to look at that. Of course I love going to Europe because I can work with people of so many different nationalities.

What is it about your style that sets you apart?

What sets me apart from most makeup artists is my passion – my true passion. I am not saying that other make up artists don’t have that but I know what mine is about. I live, eat, and breathe it.

I do education. I love not only to teach those whose make up I do, but I love to teach students – people like Lauren who have the ability for hair artists to learn the art of make up because that is total beauty.

How would you describe your signature look?

I think my signature look is my brows. I am very famous for my brows. I am also very famous for my skin. The reason why is because I always want it to look fresh, to look natural. I want it to look as skin like and as air brushed as possible without BEING air brushed. My canvas is what I am famous for. Then anything I put on my canvas looks that much better.

What is the most important beauty advice that you give to women?

Take care of your skin. Try to live as healthy of a life that is stress free with as good of food as possible that includes vegetables, water. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrates! Keep sun exposure to a minimum. Everything in balance. Everything in moderation. Be happy with what you get.

Would you share with us a few of your best insider secrets?

The biggest one I have to say is people that take the time to take care of their skin, to do some beauty regiments. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. If you are trained, you can do it for a lot less money.

The big trade secret is having the time to take care of yourself. That’s why the celebrities look so good. That’s all they do is take care of themselves.

The second trade secret is lighting. All of the photographs of all of the television stars is all about the proper lighting. So I want women to understand that if they are not lit properly if they don’t have their make up done for the appropriate lighting they will be viewed in. The celebrities are always going to look good because lighting is the element that they follow. It’s the old alright Mr. Demille I am ready for my closeup.

The light comes from within and the light also has to follow you.

And as far as celebrity tips, they do fake lashes all the time. Faux, faux, faux – faux lashes, faux hair.

What are common beauty mistakes that women make?

  • They use the wrong kind of makeup.
  • They use the wrong texture.
  • Their application is incorrect.

And that is why I am so important in this industry along with all the other makeup artists that really believe in how to apply correct makeup.

I feel that most people guess at makeup. Makeup is a guessing game for them. They don’t cut their own hair. They wouldn’t color their own hair. Some people won’t even dress themselves. They have a stylist for that.

My advice is to get your own makeup artist and ultize their knowledge. I like to share my intellectual property with everyone. What women do is they think that they can do it themselves and what do they do. They learn it from their mother or a magazine. So I think that they read things and interpret it for themselves when it’s general advice that is not personalized for them.

So one size does not fit all when it comes to make up then?

You got it!

What products do you think should be a staple in every women’s makeup kit?

  • A fabulous makeup remover because to take it off right you have to put it on right.
  • An eye cream that actually does help women to keep that delicate eye area looking as moist and as bright as possible.
  • A foundation that is not a foundation. That would be the new BB Cream and CC Creams. They are more skin like. As I was mentioning that is part of my signature look.
  • And of course a fabulous lipstick. A great lipstick just perks everyone up. We have seen it in some women when they put a good lipstick on their whole face brightens up.

NOTE: Lauren at Vision for the Art of Hair carries ALL my products and can help you pick the best ones for you!

What’s your favorite makeup brush?

fan-brushIt would have to be a fan brush. I like to use that for the blush. The reason for that is because most women put their blush on much too low and a small fan brush forces them to put it on more angular so it creates a higher geometric pattern.

What are three words that best describe who people feel when they work with you?

Energized, Enthusiastic, Inspired.

Where can people go to learn more about your work?
To book Lori  or learn more about her work, call her at 708 227 2077, email her at, or visit her website at

We carry all Lori’s products at Visions for the Art of Hair.  Come in and Lauren can help you find the best colors and shades to make you look fabulous in a fresh, beauty way with a look that is so YOU!

7 Ways to Get Beach Wave Curls for Summer

beach wavesHave you ever noticed how fabulous your hair tends to be after a day spent on a beach? For those who do not have a beach close to them, you can still get perfect beach wave curls, regardless of the kind of hair you have, with hardly any effort! Try using one of the fantastic techniques mentioned below, and you will be flaunting your beach wave curls in no time!

1. Start With The Right Hairstyle

For females that have moderately textured hair with a wave, accomplishing beach wave curls depends on the haircut they get. If your hair were not layered appropriately, they would not curl the way they should. Layers ought to be focused around the face, leaving the rear almost one length. Using a round brush on the front layers is suggested to get delicate activity at the ends.

2. Spray and Crunch

For those who have a natural wave in their hair, use a sea
salt spray on damp hair just below the roots and one inch above the ends.
Scrunch and let the hair dry.

3. Add texture and moisture

In case you usually have dry hair, avoid the salt spray (which might be drying them even further) and try using a hair dressing cream that adds texture and moisture to the hair. Apply such cream on towel-dried hair, and scrunch, air dry or blow dry them with a diffuser for waves that look undone.

4. Sleep on Tight Curls

When you have hair that is straight and fine, it is recommended that you use curling iron for that undone texture. Curl your hair tightly using a small curling iron (1/2 inch), and then go to sleep. When you rise, you’ll have a wonderful, natural-looking beach wave curl that doesn’t
have any mark of the iron you have used.

5. Curl with a Flat Iron

It is easy to acquire beachy hair by using a flat iron. Take one-inch area of hair; clamping couple of inches from the root gradually draw the iron down. Remember to rotate it in a half way turn. While rotating, take the straightener down the strand. Curl different sections of hair randomly, each in different directions for an imperfect and undone look.

6. Use a 3-Barrel Curling Iron

If you’re not comfortable using complicated styling devices, make use of a 3 barrel curling iron, whose iron is in the shape of a wave. Put a section of hair inside the iron for 5 seconds and release. Take it down the strand for a perfect beach wave curl.

7. Wear a Bun to Bed.

For those who have no time in the morning for using styling products, you can prepare your waves in the night itself by twisting your hair into buns. Separate damp and towel dried hair into small or big sections (based on the size of wave you want) and twist them into buns before going to sleep. In the morning, release your hair for perfect beach like curls. Brush them using your fingertips and add sea salt spray for added texture, if desired.

Now go and enjoy the charming summer day or a fun night out!

Prepare your hair for Summer!!


 PureOlogy and Suntegrity prepare you hair for the entire summer.  

Replenish what the sun will take out your hair.  The sun can weaken and damage your hair but help is at hand.  Get your personal PureOlogy and Suntegrity Vacation Care regime to tackle the damaging effects caused by UV-rays, salt and chlorine.  It think what is key is to countdown on what to do for your hair and skin before you depart.

Here are a few tips and tricks 30 days out from your vacation.

30 days–  Deep condition your hair 2 times per week with PureOlogy’s hair masks.  This will revitalize and strengthen the inner hair structure before you go out in the sun and humidity.  Use a 30 SPF on your face with Suntegrity products daily.

10 day– Get a fresh hair cut and color to eliminate broken or damaged ends.  Get a facial before your trip so your face is clean and exfoliated. 

1 day–  Vacation Care Program is important.  Remember to bring all the right products for your specific vacation activities.  Get a sun protector for your hair and your skin.

0 day–  Take off and have a nice time relaxing in the sun without worrying about your skin or your hair.