Creating my salon brand.

I have been working on my salon brand since I openedDSCF5347 my salon 11 years ago.  It has been an evolution rather then a destination.  Here are a few good ideas I do to keep myself current and up to date.

1. Google your business-  It takes about three seconds to google something yet many of us have never googled our  businesses.  The question is would a prospect get the correct impression of you and your business?? If not tell your brand story on google.  I use pictures of clients, photo shoots of women, my hours I am open, and my brand colours and logo.  Putting your brand colors  on their can increase brand recognition.  Then apply your colours on your Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites you use. 

2.Get yourself on LinkedIn –  Talk about yourself on linkedIn with your brand story.  Put your mission statement on their so prospects get to know you and your company.  Always put pictures of your business on LinkedIn.  It create a great first impression.

3.  Keep refining your brand- It is an on going fight.  Things change so much on social media so you have to keep current.  I have built a strong network of professionals that I associate with that are experts and that can help me.   Remember your brand is never a final product.  Decide today on how you want your brand to look and feel.  It will not happen overnight but you can make steady progress if you commit to small, regular doses of self-improvement.  


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