10 Rules for a PERFECT BLOWOUT!!

1. Switch your shower line up- Use a Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to get full hair. I use PureOlogy Pure volume shampoo and condition. The hair will not be weighed down if you use these kind of products.

2. Leave the Bathroom- It might seem like the obvious place to style you hair, but if it’s humid, your blowout will be frizzy.

3. Use Fanatic 21 leave-in Conditioner- Use this leave-in spray by PureOlogy BEFORE you put any other stylers in your hair. This will help with frizz control and shine.

4. Put your products in Hair- Put your stylers on when the hair in toweled dried. Use a gel, mouse, or oils at this time and put in from base to ends. Make sure the hair has moisture in it so the products go on easier. Then, air dry for about 15 minutes. Get Dressed, make coffee.
This will freeze kinks and waves in place so they can’t be undone with a brush and dryer.

5. Always blow dry the bangs/fringe first- Use either a round brush, fingers, or paddle brush to dry the bang area.

6. Sue an ionic dryer- This kind of dryer protects the cuticle and smooths the hair while drying.

7. Count to four or five- When you let hair cool for a few seconds on the brush, it dries bouncier and fuller.

8. Air dry- When the hair is all dry take the dryer and work the dryer over the entire head to make sure everything is dry and put more fullness in the hair. It needs to be 100% dry or it will frizz.

9. Use oil/spray to put everything in place and puts moisture in the hair so it stays full and smooth

10. Go and look beautiful!!! GREAT JOB!!


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