Clean Hair Act

Purify Shampoo by Pureology

How you should shampoo your hair??!!

1. You should shampoo your hair more often if your scalp is oily. If it isn’t every other day is good.

2. You should shampoo your whole head. Work the shampoo into your hands then at the root or base area of your scalp. Work your hands every where and scrub the back to the front areas of the head.

3. You should get a lot of lather. If your shampoo doesn’t lather, you can usually tell whether your hair is getting clean by examining the tips of your fingers after scrubbing. If they are not coated in shampoo, that means shampoo is not getting to your roots. Rinse and reapply!!

4. You should keep rinsing until there are no bubbles. You need to rinse your hair a lot so there is no more shampoo residue on the hair. This way the hair will be shinier and smoother when it is blow dried.


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