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Makeup now is about being a minimalist. It’s easier, more natural, simple and all around “lower maintenance”. It does not mean no makeup it means looking fresh, sporty yet luminous at the same time. What’s great about a more natural style is that it’s not chasing youth (that shouldn’t be the goal anyway); it just allows you to look like a well pulled together version of yourself. Fashion is influenced by the times, and we live in a very health and fitness-oriented society right now. That’s why we are seeing so much athletic-inspired clothing. And, of course, when we wear more casual clothes, the face has to match. It will transform you into the best version of yourself while still making you completely recognizable. I have a service called “The 5 minute face”. It is 5 products in 5 minutes making you look 5 minutes younger.
Here they are:

1. CONCEALER- Go with a colour that goes with your skin tone. Put it on the lids, under the eyes, side to nose and on and under the lip area. This high lights these areas that usually go darker with age.

2. BROW TINT- Go with a colour with is little lighter than your hair colour. Apply on lightly using the brush to gently glide the hair strands. It darkens the brows and covers the grey if you have any.

3. CURL LASHES AND USE BLACK MASCARA- This opens up the face, brings out the natural eye colour and gives a natural appearance the face.

5. USE A SOFT BRONZER OR BLUSH COLOUR- Keep it light and fresh by putting it on with a small fan brush. Remember, to put it on the cheek bones and into the hair line. This gives you a soft glow that makes you look “sun-kissed”.

6. LIPGLOSS- This is the most fun!! You can not gave enough fresh, light, fun glosses. Try any colour that goes with your personality, skin, and hair colour. A lot of glosses now have vitamins in them to keep your lips moist and soft.

Now go do this!! Try it on. Keep it fresh.


9 Ways to Decorate your Decolletage

_MSP1262LR They say to accentuate your best assets.  So you don’t want to forget to make your cleavage look it’s best! With the proper attention you can show off “the girls” in a flirty yet sophisticated manner that gets you noticed. In addition to a great fitting bra, below are a a few tips to make your cleavage look fabulous:

1) Sparkle creams and powders – there are a number of options you have in the market when looking for the right sparkle creams and powders that can be applied on the decolletage to give it that incredible shimmering look.

2) Bronzers– this is another incredible option when you are looking to achieve an incredible tan on your cleavage area. Make sure you select a quality one and follow instructions so as to get perfect results. Choose a powder bronzer that is slightly darker than your skin tone. The create a v-shape in between the breasts.  Blot the area and blend for a more natural look.

3) Highlighter – you can also achieve a beautiful decolletage by using an illuminating product. Apply the highlighter over the cleavage area, then set it with powder.  Be cautious when choosing the shade color so that it looks natural.

4) Perfume – adding a dot of your favorite perfume in between your cleavage will add a little spice for anyone who gets close enough to notice.

5) Using sunblock – Your chest can really take a beating from the sun when it’s exposed in the summer.  While applying sunblock to the rest of your body, don’t forget to cover the cleavage area to make sure that it does not suffer from the damaging effects of the sun. This is one of the ways to ensure that you rock a gorgeous cleavage.

6) Preventing acne- no one wants a cleavage that is decorated with small spots of pimples and acne. Use a body wash with benzoyl peroxide to zap any dirt and bacteria.  Regular care will clear up any breakouts show you can display your beautiful decolletage with confidence.

7) Anti-aging serum– As you grow older, you skin loses firmness.   This is where anti-aging serums come in to firm unsightly wrinkles and make the skin look younger and more eye catching decolletage.

8) Microderm abrasion– If your skin is looking tan and leathery a microderm abrasion treatment can give skin that “fresh” look.  This is one of the skin care techniques that most superstars from Hollywood to achieve skin that looks simply incredible. It can be used for your cleavage area since it works by buffing away the skin’s outer layer. This helps to replace the work out skin cells with new and healthy ones that cause the skin to radiate.

9) Age  Spot Remover – If your cleavage has brown spots, consider using an anti-age spot cream. This can remove signs of aging and give your decolletage a more youthful appearance.

Hope you enjoy these beauty tips!

For beauty, makeup, hair ideas and more, call us at 630-673-0052 to setup an appointment at Visions for the Art of Hair.  We want to help you look your best.

[Event] A Wonder-Filled Life Holiday Open House

Christmas lightsOnly 72 days left till Christmas! Luckily, we’ve got a great holiday event lined up to help you get ready!

When: Thursday, November 7th, 2013 from 6 to 10 pm
Where: Visions for the Art of Hair (4N229 Glen Ellyn Rd in Bloomingdale)

Guests will receive:

  • Twinkle Toes peppermint foot scrub treatments
  • Joy & Wonder makeup/brow shaping services
  • Tea by Tea motions, wine, and cookies will be served
  • the Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Signature-scented candles experience
  • A wonder-filled shopping experience for you and your friends

The More the Merrier! Bring a Friend and receive a free gift.

Space is limited! Call or email Lauren Cassidy at
630.673.0052 to RSVP.


3 Makeup Tips for Everyday Beauty, Part 1

makeup at Visions for the Art of HairWhen it comes to everyday makeup, less is certainly more. Today we will address a basic beauty trifecta: foundation, mascara, and concealer! Here are some common makeup blunders and how to fix them. (More to come on lips in part two.)

1. The wrong shade foundation

faceTry before you buy. We’re all familiar with the dreadful “mask” look, where the face is obviously a different colour from the neck. Avoid this by testing the shade on your jawline (rather than the back of your hand or wrist) and choose the shade that disappears. Note that your foundation colour may change with the season, as your skincolour may. A foundation with light-reflecting particles will help illuminate and add dimension to your skin.

Foundation that is too pale will draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. (If your foundation does end up “settling” into crow’s feet or wrinkles, don’t fill them in with more makeup. Prevent settle by keeping these areas well moisturized, and apply less foundation to them.) Also, don’t make the blunder of brushing powder on fine lines. It’s best kept to your T-zone.

 2. Too much coverup

happyWe all have those less-than-perfect skin days. For some of us, it’s everyday undereye circles. Don’t lay the concealer on too thick! As we age, the skin under our eyes thins. Accordingly, keep concealer thin — and only to applicable areas — and apply with a brush, which will more evenly distribute the product. A yellow-based concealer shade also helps most skin tones. This is something whose shade you can afford to go lighter on than your actual skincolour.

applying mascara

from our fall makeup event

3. Not using mascara properly

First, be sure to use the darkest black shade of mascara you can find, as this will brighten your eyes and make them look larger. Don’t use a formula that is too thick; our lashes thin too as we mature, so this will likely come out clumpy. Skip the bottom lashes, as they will draw more attention to crow’s feet, dark circles, or just smudge throughout the day.

Have you been guilty of some of these common mistakes? Don’t fret — just give these tips a try! You’re sure to look — and feel — great! Stay tuned for part two, where we’ll introduce three more tricks to looking young, vibrant, and beautiful.


[Event] 5 Products in 5 Minutes to Subtract 5 Years

Makeup by Lauren Cassidy

Makeup by Lauren Cassidy

Fall Makeup Event by Lori Neopolitan and Lauren Cassidy:

5 Products in 5 Minutes to Subtract 5 Years! You should be wearing less makeup as you age — not more. And it should be fresh and light, not heavy and dark. Come see what’s new in the ever-improving world of makeup and skincare and how you can use it to your advantage!

Thursday, September 12th from 12pm to 6pm. Only $55.

Space is limited — please note the event is invitation only.

Appointments run every 30 minutes. Please e-mail or call Lauren Cassidy (630.673.0052) to request your customized appointment.

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