Customer spotlight – I get nonstop compliments now about my hair… – Gina


Gina Lempa

Read what customer Gina Lempa has to say about having Lauren do her hair.

Tell me a little bit about why you first started going to Lauren?

I first met Lauren last October at an Over 40 Females networking meeting. I liked her hair and her look, and when she introduced herself, I instantly knew that I was going to have her cut and color my hair. Lauren is fun, colorful and engaging. I introduced myself and we made an appointment and I have been going to her ever since.

What frustrated you most about your hair when you started going using her as your hairdresser?

Through her, I have changed my hair style and color, learned makeup application techniques and what colors and products to choose. And due to her enthusiastic networking and marketing, I sat for a new headshot with BreezeArt Photography, updated my LinkedIn profile photo and created a new business card.

This last week, I accepted one more of Laurens invitations and attended an Open House at Jeans & a Cute Top Shop, walked away w/ a new outfit and jewelry.

How do you feel about your hair now after going to Lauren?

At 52 years old, my hair has quite a bit of gray in it and I was experimenting with allowing it to go “natural” ¬†But that is really not me and Lauren recognized that right away and gave me a great new cut and a fun much darker color accented with a pop of burgundy. Recently, just back from one of her color trainings, she gave me new copper colored Splashlights.

What do you like best about Lauren’s work?

I am an Independent Sales Rep and travel to several major trade shows a year and visit my retails customers on a consistent basis. Since starting with Lauren, I receive compliments all the time. In fact, one of my friends from church nearly yelled across the room because she was liking my new hair color so much!

What professional hair products do you use that Lauren offers?

I have purchased several products from Lauren, including all new makeup. I especially like the Halo Neo-Luxe Serum and the peach concealer. For my hair, I like the Rough Rubber that comes in the little red ball

Anything else you’d like to share?

Several other members of Over40Female get their hair done by Lauren from Visions of the Art of Hair and it’s always so fun to see new people meet her for the first time and then come to the following meeting with a dynamite new look. Way to Go… Lauren! You really make a difference in our lives.